Tuesday, April 28, 2009

tomorrow is da laz paper???

tomorrow is da laz paper???hey,itz still 1paper after tmorow..not yet finished..i wanna have tomorrow wil b going on smoothly..u know wat,im not feeling gd tday..juz 4 a while in da day cz i managed to buy ma stuff..goin out maybe can make me relax..but then ive to go back to stay wif ma books..back to da main story,ive called ma aunt..juz wanna informed her bout staying wif ma another aunt @ KL..but im feel a little bit disappointed n depresses cz she's seems dat she hv no interest to listen to me o to care bout me at so sorry dat ive eva hurt her b4 bt i promise u dat i'll get da result dat u really wanted me to do since the first day im here @ UTeM but ive disappointed so sorry..can u plz giv me another chance so dat i can proved dat i'll neva do it again..huhu..luckily ma mom keep advising 4 not being bothering wif wat had happen..nyway,hope ma holiday @ KL would be more relaxing b4 im starting da new journey of ma sem khas..hehehe..4 da tym being,im goin to revised ma previous tuto from tutorial 1 to 4..i really need some inspiration quote..mybe i should bear in mind wat ma teacher eva told me bout past,present and future..'4get bout da past cz it had happen,dun think bout da future yet cz it's not yet happen..da important thing is do sth in present cz it can change da future n yet make sure da past would neva happen again'...yeahhhhhh..thx miss Lucia..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

1st day is da important battle!!!!

2morow will be da important thing 4 me..itz juz bcoz da 1st paper held on 2morow..eventhough itz juz 'hubungan etnik' but ive still wanna considered da day tmorow being da important day..well, 4 me da beginning is main point to be more motivated or maybe demotivated..datz my point..hope u guys wish me luck..n i'll do ma bez tmorow..juz wanna defeat myself in previous life in this university life..hate me myself before..