Wednesday, August 26, 2009


i wish evrythg will goes smoothly today cz actually i can tell by da way i prepare myself 4 tday..itz a lot of things to be worried bout since im done nothing 4 juz ready4 dis..plz let me go peacefully..amin..
8celi ive got class @ 8 o'clock but i dun think we should rush goin to da goin to take bus on 8am so dat i will be at campus in 15min..not so obviously..da most importan thing,itz juz bout EMT(electromagnetic),rite dude?nyway, itz juz a tuto rite..of koz we can bet dat less stdent would b sorry Dr..i'll b gd gal @ da fnl..heheh..nyway,we luv u Dr..
ive got to prepare for da interview needed 4 da Tech.Comm. task after da class..there's butterfly in ma stomach when thinking bout da once again,hope evrythg will be orite..hehhe
ok,datz it.. i wanna read bout da fave ques in interview..daaa

Sunday, August 16, 2009

im searching...huhuhu

im searching for the resume,cover letter, and the job advertisement..n ol of da related source is:


    • sample of cover letter

      sample of resume