Sunday, September 19, 2010

the fight is began by it too late??

some says 'it is better than never'..okay..i got it..n some says 'it's owez too soon to quit'..emmm..i said to myself..y should i quit or giv up while da others dont eva bother to stop..bak kata org, struggle to death..uish..

argh..long tym no i da middle of september 2010..long intro rite?huh? a bundle of assignment makes my life mess up and now my mind control my body n says.. 'dun sleep my complete ur assignment'..n now, im here im still alive after no sleep for a day..huhuhu..dun eva dream to qadda tido after this.. the 1st half sem is reali tough bt the 2nd half sem is tougher than before..huhu..

jap2..mamai yg aku merepek kt post kali,nk p kls jap..blh ke x nie??insyaallah blh..(^_^')