Friday, June 3, 2011

tips on how to b strong everyday

b strong zatie..ganbatte..chayok2..fuhh..actually, there's a lot of inspiring word to motivate then, r u sure u cn keep those spirit all the way of ur hard journey..never expect that our daily lives b more real life, dat would neva not sayin' dat w shud b juz serious to survive..itz juz dat w shud b more alert n dun eva let our guard down..sumtymes, wheneva w r leisurely playing around,new n big problems r goin to c us..LIFE IS PROBLEM..datz y, NO PROBLEM, NO LIFE..hehe..

ops, back to our point on how to b family and especially siblings is my strength..somehow, i only managed to stay wif my any closest family here, at Bumi Semenanjung.. datz how i charge my battery of spirit..u know wat, if u c da faces dat depends on u in the future, u know u hve to do sumthg so dat they would not regret..

but WHY it is only happen NOW??is it too late to know dat ive done mistakes for the beginning of the journey..sumtymes, it makes me mad to myself..realli mad dat i cant focus on wat ive fight on, after all they are my strength..i wanna b there for them..©©©

p/s: mmg drg tmn pcayalah, drg jugak la tmn yg plg siblings..datz y i dedicated my PSM report for them,i wanna them to be proud sumtimes..hehe

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